For patrons purchasing tickets to a Lake Jackson show please carefully read these instructions.  If you become confused during the seat selection process you have not carefully read the instructions below or the instructions within the ticketing portal of the next page.  If you find that you can't get the seats you want because they are marked "C" for UNAVAILABLE, it is because you have not read the instructions.

1) You are about to be redirected to our portal for purchasing tickets to a Lake Jackson performance on December 8th, 9th or 10th.

2) In order to purchase seats for a show, users must click on one of the colored seating sections marked within the seating chart.

3) Each seating section is divided and separated by COLOR. EACH COLOR represents a different ticket price.  Please note, users are only able to select seats within the colored section that was clicked.    

3) After clicking a specific colored section, users will be taken to the next screen to select individual seat/s WITHIN THE RESPECTIVE COLORED SECTION.

5) On the next screen, USERS MUST SCROLL & TOGGLE the seating chart horizontally and vertically in order to locate and select seats WITHIN THAT COLORED SECTION of seats.

5) PLEASE NOTE: when users click a colored section on the seating chart, seats surrounding the chosen colored seating section are labeled "C" for UNAVAILABLE and are only available to select within their respective priced and colored section of the seating chart.

7) Users who wish to purchase a seat marked UNAVAILABLE must click back to the main seating chart & select a different colored section in order to determine if seats marked UNAVAILABLE are in fact available to purchase.  

6) SEATS AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE within the chosen priced section are highlighted as GREEN.

7) SEATS ALREADY SOLD within the chosen priced section are highlighted PURPLE and marked "S" for sold.   

8) ONCE AGAIN, seats surrounding a chosen colored section and marked "UNAVAILABLE" may in fact be available to purchase but can only be selected by going back and clicking the colored section that the seat resides.  


If you have any questions please contact us at (979) 583-2221 or contact The Center for the Arts & Sciences at (979) 265-7661.